Beyond Cyberdrome

Beyond Cyberdrome is an annual event held at the British National Science Fiction Convention (Eastercon) where people compete against each other using robots mainly built from scrap toys, Lego, and K'nex. Each year has a different theme. As well as the main event, we run a robotics workshop (AKA chaos robotics, AKA the Susan Calvin Robotic Assembly Playroom, AKA SCRAP) during the con where those of you who are as disorganised as us can throw a robot together at the last minute.

New: We've created a Livejournal Community for news announcments and discussion of the projects you're working on.

2011 will be BC:Siege.
2010 was BC:3D (Robots enter the third dimension) (photos to come).
BC took a break in 2009.
Here was the introduction for 2008: BC: The Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition
Here is our write-up of 2007's event, BC: I'm Sorry I Haven't a Robot (The Intermission Games).
Here is our write-up of 2006's event, BC: Pirates! (Arrr).

You can read more about Beyond Cyberdrome in general and the past events (up to 2003 anyway) on Ye Olde Oute Date Beyonde Cyberdrome Webbe Site.
Apparently we do have some photos of the 2004 and 2005 events, and are hoping to bring the site fully up to date at some point before the heat-death of the universe.

Here are a few things you might want to avoid saying in the presence of the committee to avoid worrying them unnecessarily.

Comments? Questions? Email alex at this website's domain name.